Uhuru’s development record is a nightmare for Ruto

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Today I woke up feeling like violence, but found Danito Kimani Kinyanjui had woken up with even more violence. He says:
If you are a William Samoei Ruto follower, by now you must have known that he displays TWO different pictures of himself.
First picture.
-The Ruto who stature will not be reduced by other countries and be ferried by BUS
-The Ruto who will not ask LOANS from China
– The Ruto who will not allow DEMOLITION of properties
-The Ruto who will not OVER tax Kenyans
-The Ruto who will LOWER the cost of living
– etc
Second picture
The Ruto who does the opposite of what he says.
In 2017, Uhuru attended the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing. I was part of his team there and his presence received wide coverage both in the mainstream and social media. Below is one of the many posts I did on his participation at the forum.
I am going through these streets to see what is being reported in regards to Ruto’s participation at the Belt and Road Forum currently happening in Beijing, and I can’t seem to find anything. What’s up with his comms team? 🤔
When it comes to wisdom is leadership, Uhuru and Ruto are worlds apart.
The Portland land situation can be compared to that of the Waitiki farm in Mombasa.
Although the land was grabbed and sold to innocent masses, the area is quite developed with palatial homes and all government infrastructure which in most cases sanitizes such grabbing. Portlands cement sold cement to the residents when they were building, KPLC installed power, the Ministry of Education approved schools built in the area, registrar of societies approved for registration of churches in the area and at one time Ruto even donated towards the construction of a church there. Thus, Portland land is way more developed than Waitiki farm.
But what did Uhuru do in regards to Waitiki?
The former President chose to have government buy off the land and allowed those who already lived there to continue doing so freely, but on condition of paying land rent etc. As you well know, the squatters were even given titles (Photo attached).
At Portland, the residents were willing to pay East African Portlands Cement (EAPC) so as to legally own the land despite having been duped in the first place. This was actually a waste land as EAPC had already excavated cement raw materials. But Zakayo being Zakayo, he chose the inhumane route of demolishing people’s homes, just because him and his ilk want to acquire that land. They are not doing this for PUBLIC GOOD!
Before you tell us about Ruai sewerage land, please remember that this land was meant for a critical infrastructure, and for PUBLIC GOOD. But Zakayo and his friends grabbed it, then used poor people as human shields. At an opportune time they were going to chase out those people who had put up an informal settlement there, and use this land they had stolen from government to put up private development because that was their intention from the word go.

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