Some Arabs are just chilling by the beach and as they look at the expansive Ocean

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It is 900 AD (1100 years ago). Some Arabs are just chilling by the beach and as they look at the expansive Ocean they ask one another, “What could be on the other side? What opportunities can be found there?” They get into ships and arrive on the East African Coast where they settle and begin to develop large agricultural plantations in the area. They also colonize the Coast.
The year is 1497. Some Portuguese noble men are hanging out with King Manuel 1 at the court, enjoying some nyama choma and fine wine. Their favorite topic is naval exploration and as they excitedly discuss their conquests in this sector, they start wondering how they can find a trade route to India.
King Manuel turns to Vasco Da Gama and goes like, “Dude, you have to take one for the team. Figure this one out.”
On orders from the King, Vasco da Gama sets off on an exploration journey to India, passing through Kenya where he erects a pillar which becomes a navigation guide. This exploration, opens up trade between India, East Africa and Europe as the Portuguese Empire continues to expand its power and influence, becoming the first real global super power.
You know how this story ends in the late 1800s. The European arrived by ships in this region and colonized us.
For a moment let’s rewind our story to the year 750AD. Some African men are by the beach on this side of East Africa, chomaing an entelope they have just captured. They are also enjoying some fruits and herbs that they have gathered from a nearby bush.
They look towards the massive ocean and think to themselves, “Those tides are very dangerous. No one should get near them!” They do not think beyond the dangerous tides and are not curious of what could be on the other end of the ocean. They continue enjoying their meal and later return home to their many wives and children where they live happily after.
Fast forward to 2021. Space exploration has intensified. In the US, the James Webb Telescope is being launched to study the deep space and Elon Musk is busy working to have man land on Mars one day. In India, they are preparing to launch a rocket that will study the sun and the Chinese are about to complete a fully operational space station.
Meanwhile somewhere in East Africa, folks are very excited about a 200 AD invention by the name of wheelbarrow, which will now be used as a political party symbol and will take people from the bottom to up

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