Did you know that slave masters selectively used Bible verses to propagate slavery?

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Did you know colonizers selectively used Bible verses to propagate colonialism and apartheid?
Now, take a moment and imagine for a moment the kind of prayers Christians back in England were praying in regards to the Mau Mau, during the fight for independence.
Human beings have since time immemorial used God’s name and holy books to cause injustices and oppression. But that is not a reflection of who God is. God is love, and He hates injustices.
I therefore say that there is no difference between a Muslim who supports jihadists, and a Christian who supports Israel when it oppresses and propagates apartheid against Palestinians.
A good Christian just like in any other geo-political war should today pray for peace in the Middle East, pray for victims on both sides and ask God to give Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas wisdom in dealing with the current situation, and for peace to prevail.
Before doing that “Kenya stands in solidarity with Israel” statement, did William Ruto realize that there is an African common position on the Isreal-Palestine issue, which is informed by our experience and history under colonial rule? Does he remember that Mau Mau fighters were labeled terrorists? Has he seen the statements being released by his peers in the continent?
Why does he always have to make Kenya look like a puppet of the West? The least we could do is remain non-aligned, but here we are.
Here is the statement from the African Union on the matter 👇🏾
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