Desperate UDA bloggers on the receiving end

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Dear UDA bloggers,
There is a difference between a photo op during a state banquet, and a bilateral meeting. A bilat is diplomatic engagement where two leaders meet to discuss ties between their two countries, common areas of interests and how they can support each other.
So, what we are asking for are photos of a bilat between Ruto and Xi, and highlights of what was discussed in that meeting.
Ruto made a tactical mistake in his approach to the East when he took power. In a bid to please the U.S, he looked and talked down on China, as he has made promises to cut down on their influence in Kenya.
Kibaki understood global economics and as soon as he became president, he quickly aligned with China. As a result we reaped immensely infrastructural wise.
Uhuru followed his predecessor’s footsteps and made that famous statement, “We are not pro East or pro West, we are pro development”. Meaning that in our engagements with other countries, Kenya’s interests take precedence. We therefore cannot make any promises to support other people’s geopolitical interests, at the expense of our own.
Our relationship with the West is very beneficial in its own way, but so is our relationship with the East. The West will give us financial support for different causes, but they can hardly give us direct support to build transport infrastructure which in the end turns around the economic fortunes of a country.
Show me a single road or railway that America has financed in Africa in the last 30 years. I doubt we can find one. But they have supported initiatives in the health sector, in the education sector and other critical causes as well, which the East won’t support.
In 2017, former president Uhuru and president Xi jointly upgraded the bilateral relations between their two countries to a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership. The fact that Ruto never got a bilateral meeting with Xi could mean China is considering downgrading us. This should not be allowed to happen.
As an African country, we must remain non aligned and reap benefits from both sides. We cannot afford to shun China at the behest of the West, or vice versa. Such moves will hurt us badly.
Fahari wawili wakipigana…

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