Clueless UDA on their way out, the future is dark!

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Before, only Archbishop Anthony Muheria, Rev. Sammy Wainaina and a few others were bold enough to step out and speak truth to power. More are now joining in, but I still have a question…
Many preachers especially in the Mt. Kenya region told their followers that Ruto was God’s choice. They went further and branded those opposed to Ruto as demonic, witches and atheists.
Now as they turn around to express their dissatisfaction in Ruto’s presidency and way of governing, will they kindly explain to us what part of this is God’s will?
Did God intend for us to have a president who will double the borrowing while increasing interest rates; increase taxes while Kenyans are already crying about a huge financial burden; have incompetent CSs and PSs who are also stealing left right and centre; have the price of basic goods including kerosene raised to unprecedented levels; mismanage our economy leading to the collapse of NSE and the Ksh…. What part of this was God’s will.
The Presentation by Hon. Ndiritu Muriithi, Chairman of the Azimio Economic Council to the National Dialogue Committee today is worth listening.
The man not only talks like his uncle Kibaki, he also has his heart on matters economics.
Ndiritu Muriithi: The Kenya Kwanza government is heavily taxing Kenyans to raise ksh 70 Billion for housing. The same government used ksh 193 billion shillings for foreign and local travel in the month of April, May and June 2023. They would have raised the housing funds without taxing Kenyans by just stopping excessive travel.

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