How intermitent fasting gave me a breakthrough

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This photo is about 10 months old. That was before I went on a strict wheat, dairy and sugar free diet, though I have now resumed regular diet after the stomach recovered. I am just using it on this post for attention 😂

Now, I have always loved dressing up. When I was a kid, I would wear my mom’s dresses then tie them in a way I thought they looked fashionable. I wanted to look like Esther Muoso of KBC or Nyiva Mwendwa the minister. At the age of 10 I remember being glued to the TV watching the recaps of the Beijing Women’s Conference of 1995. My main attraction was how the participants were dressed 🙈. It was said that Nyiva Mwendwa had carried her hairdresser to the conference, and I found that intriguing. It’s a thing I would do 😂

I am still that little girl who loved dresses and who admired powerful women who had a great sense of style. I always aspire to emulate them because they set the pace and showed us that a woman can be beautiful, brainy and elegant/fashionable. Beauty with brain should not be an exception, but a norm because this world is full of beautiful women who are doing great exploits in various fields.


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