Sabina Chege should pack and go!

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Sabina Chege’s continued stay as the Azimio Deputy Minority Whip is an insult to Kenyan tax payers. The only reason she is forcing her continued stay in that position with the help of Wetangula is because of the perks that come with it. She continues to get extra pay, extra allowances, an office, a government vehicle and extra security etc while not doing a single job pertaining to that seat since its practically impossible for her to whip Azimio MPs towards an Azimio agenda because she is already on the UDA side.
By continuing to hold on to that position, Sabina Chege is stealing from tax payers. I hope her conscience is awake to this fact. And because she is a woman who loves church, I hope the Holy Spirit will whisper to her that what she is doing is wrong in the eyes of God and men.
The screenshot is an excerpt from a statement signed by Nelson Dzuya, Sabina Chege, Joshua Arama and Joshua Kutuny, in the name of Jubilee Party Parliamentary Group.
Can someone sane please explain this: How can Sabina remain as the bona-fide Deputy Minority Whip of Azimio? Didn’t these people tell us they are no longer in Azimio?
Further, is it not a decision of Azimio as to who remains or becomes the deputy minority whip? Or Sabina and her few friends can make that decision on behalf of Azimio, witg the support of Wetangula? Pray tell, how will she be whipping Azimio MPs when she is politically aligned elsewhere? She does not even attend Azimio meetings. She instead attends UDA PG. How then will she be able to whip Azimio MPs towards an Azimio agenda?
“In fact in the next one month or so you will see the dollar exchange rate coming down in a very phenomenal way. In fact in my estimation, in the next couple of months, the exchange rate will come below Ksh.120, maybe Ksh.115.”- William Ruto, March 2023.
“We are telling those keeping dollars to sell them because in the next week or so, the exchange dollar will start coming down and they will make losses.”- Rigathi Gachagua, March 2023.
We can authoritatively conclude that these people have no idea what they are doing. Running government by guesswork is the order of the day. Talking much from rooftops of cars and governing are two different things.

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