I regret dumping my step daughter in a children’s home to marry a lazy woman after her mum died

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By Private Socrates via fb

The author private socrates during a past interview at KBC channel one


When my dear wife passed on 2 years ago due to sickle cell anemia, she left me with our young daughter by the name MaryAnne.

Problem is, Maryann was not my biological child. She was my step daughter who had come with my wife from an earlier failed relationship that my late wife was in. I loved and cared for little Maryanne like she was my very own blood. Her biological dad had become a total deadbeat and so I had to step in and fend for her as my own child.

At that time that my late wife and I were deciding to settle, I was really struggling. But I kept hope alive. Sometimes affording even two meals a day was not possible. But we kept pushing as one.
What pained me is that Sometimes I could not even afford medication for my dear wife who was ailing from sickle cell anaemia.
But God was always faithful to us. Deep inside, I knew that one day, in the fullness of time, why story would change for better


My wife lost the battle and passed away exactly one year after we settled. I was devastated to say the least. I felt completely defeated by life. I felt I was a reject.
But what made my blood to bleed even more was that my wife had passed on without conceiving a child of my own.

Here I was now, left with a small girl to take care of. A girl who was not even my biological child. A girl whose dad was probably out there, enjoying life ,while I was here struggling to provide for her.

It was really tough

I had no job to my name
Rent arrears were piling up and my step daughter Marryann needed food and decent clothes at least.

You see, if this kid was my biological child, it would have been an easier burden for real. But now,,, if I struggle to raise MaryAnne as my own, one day she would grow up and charter her own path in life. And perhaps begin looking for her biological dad.

This life has no balance.

Another thing, I was ready to remarry one year after my wife passed. But the lady I was seeing completely refused to settle with me because of little Maryanne. She argued that Maryanne would give her a had time. Ati she would compare her with her late mum. That she wouldn’t respect her. That she wasn’t even my blood.

I was at total loss of understanding of this thing called life.

I continued becoming lonelier and more confused with this situation. Soon, depression would kick in for sure.

One day, I decided to choose ME
I decided to choose my own happiness and Path.

I decided to let little Maryanne just go away.

There’s nothing else I could have done for sure. I couldn’t give her a decent life. I couldn’t resettle because of her. I didn’t know her real dad.
I just decided to let destiny take its own course.
I know you are judging me.
But it’s me who knows what I was undergoing.

One day,

I took little Maryanne to Juja Children’s amusement Park and ‘accidentally’ left her there.
She was only 3 years old.
I knew she would just cry and cry and cry till someone takes her to a children’s home or adopt her.
I was never going to be traced because I had covered all evidences when I was getting into that children’s park.

I just needed to get my life back.

Fast forward,

My new girlfriend agreed to settle with me after I lied to her that little Maryanne was gone. That her dad had finally come to pick her.
She bought the story and agreed to settle with me immediately.
I was kinda relieved
I was going to focus on my life
And even have kids of my own..

As much as life was hard, my new woman and I worked closely together to make ends meet. We hustled with renewed vigor.

I knew little Maryanne had really cried and cried and looked for me on that day I abandoned her.
For sure I know.
And I felt bad.

But I knew a good samaritan would take her and help the little one figure out life..
God forgive me

Fast forward.

Life was beginning to be good.
My new woman and I shifted from my single room at kayole to a one bedroom in kasarani.
She was expecting our first child and I was very excited at the prospects of being a dad sooner.

At the end of every month, we could not miss having around 40k in our joint account.
we really hustled.

Indeed, my story was beginning to change for the better.

One day

After close to 7 months, I received a call from a former boss of mine. He was a very wealthy muindi guy from kwale who had employed me as house manager and gardener 4 years back before I relocated to Nairobi
I was shocked he had my number.

When I received the call, he told me that he was relocating back to India after 27 years in Kenya. He also told me to immediately pay him a visit in Kwale as he wanted to give me a gift for being a loyal gardener and confidant at the time I worked for him.

My heart skipped a bit

He also told me that he had heard the sad news that I had lost my first wife to sickle cell anaemia and that he was willing to leave his bungalow in kwale and his farms to me as he relocated to India.
He asked me to go to kwale ASAP, the following morning. He even sent me 2500 SGR fare


Sema kuomoka

The God of Isaac and abednego had finally sent me my star(Nyota )
Ati me and my new wife were going to own a bungalow and farms at the coast!
Enyewe life!

While travelling to coast the following morning on sgR, I also typed and sent my resignation letter to my current employer.
Surely with a home and farms to my name, who needed a job as a hardware supervisor in Nairobi?

I arrived at kwale at around 6pm and went directly to my former employers home.
Which was about to be my home..

Life wewe

My muindi friend welcomed me with loads of kindness. He told me his plans, why he was going back to India and he also brought the paperwork for me to sign that he was authorising me as the new owner of his properties

As I was going through papers for me to sign,

He called his youngest daughter to come say hi to me.

I looked up to the young girlish voice that was saying hi and immediately recognised her.

MaryAnne! My step daughter!
The little girl I had abandoned because of the burden she was giving me

Apprantly this muindi friend of mine is the one that had heard her story online trending as a lost and found ophan child and he had decided to adopted her.

Little Maryanne immediately recognised me and painful tears filled her eyes.
Tears of pain..

She looked at my muindi friend who was standing there and asked
‘PAPA, Is this the man you want to leave all your properties and wealth to as we go to India?

The muindi replied ‘Yes dear, why?

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