VIDEO: CS Moses Kuria ashamed with facts during Citizen Tv interview

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Sam Kituku has asked Moses Kuria why Ruto’s administration has increased the cost of fuel, instead of reducing as promised during the campaign.

He has also asked him why the shilling is still losing to the dollar, despite their position earlier in the year when Kuria said that the gulf oil deal would result into the dollar dropping to 85 bob. Guess what Moses Kuria has answered….

That Kenyans should be grateful with the way things are because if it was Azimio in power, things would have been worse.

Watching these cabinet secretaries give all manner of excuses as to why the cost of living continues to escalate is very irritating.

They and their cronies have become overnight billionaires courtesy of the said oil deal, and the food stuff which they were allowed to import tax free. They are in an echo chamber and not interested in making life better for mwananchi. They are not even interested in governing. All they care for is money making deals. Let it rain!!

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